July 11, 2024

Biden’s NATO Birthday Bash

July 10, 2024

Biden’s NATO Birthday Bash



Biden delivered an impressive address at the NATO summit, fighting back on the belief that his advanced age and recent performance at the presidential debate make him unsuitable for office. A US marshal assigned to protect Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor shot an 18 year-old outside the Justice’s house for carjacking. Hurricane Beryl continues its devastation throughout Texas, leaving many without power, and has now changed directions towards the Midwest. Russia officials have issued a warrant for the widow of opposition leader Alexey Vavalny after being accused of participating in extremist organizations. Lawyers in the Karen Reed trial file for a dismissal motion following moves to request a retrial, and jurors step up with their side of the story. Barcelona residents are protesting the tourism industry by spraying visitors with water after living rates have increased. James Inhofe, a famous climate change denier, has passed away at the age of 89.

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In Must Know News…

  • President Biden welcomed world leaders to the NATO summit in Washington yesterday with a speech that championed the historic 75th anniversary of the international alliance and reiterated Ukraine’s resolve against Russia in the ongoing conflict in Europe. Biden spoke well, and this strong verbal performance comes at a critical point, as he must prove his mental stamina to the American people after his poor debate performance. In other words, Joe, show us you’re up for the job!  
  • A deputy US marshal protecting S.C. Justice Sonia Sotomayor shot an 18-year-old who attempted to carjack him in Washington, DC last week. The attempted carjacking was apparently a random incident, with no sign that the suspect had any knowledge of Sotomayor’s residence. Furthermore, this is only one of nearly 260 carjacking incidents in DC this year alone, and we’re only halfway through! I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll take a taxi to Capitol Hill from now on. Btw, check out our C2 deeper dive for more details!
  • Hurricane Beryl has left millions of Texas residents without power this week, which, while terrible already, is even worse when you remember that the US is in the midst of a deadly heat wave and millions now will be stuck without AC. Here’s an unfun fact: one of the member’s of our marketing team is currently stuck in Texas without power, so this storm is really no joke everybody. What’s more, the Midwest won’t be spared either, as the remnants of the storm are now “beryl-ing” towards states like Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan and will cause major flooding. Stay safe, everyone!   

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US marshal assigned to Supreme Court Justice shoots an 18 year-old carjacker (USA Today, CNN)
Hurricane Beryl continues to devastate Texas, now heading for the Midwest (CNN, NPR)
Russia issues warrant for deceased opposition leader’s widow (CBS)
Karen Reed trial far from over as lawyers now file dismissal motion (WCVB)
Barcelona residents protest tourism by spraying visitors with water (NBC)
Famous climate change denier, James Inhofe, has passed away (Hill)

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